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BS EN IEC 60545 pdf free download

BS EN IEC 60545 pdf free download.Guidelines for commissioning and operation of hydraulic turbines, pump- turbines and storage pumps.
Detailed sequential diagrams, illustrating ordinary changes from one mode of operation to another (generating, pumping, synchronous condenser operation, standby) as well as actions due to various electrical or mechanical faults.
Guide vane opening (or needle opening of impulse turbines) for no-load, starting and cavitation limits, as functions of head and tailwater levels also, where appropriate, runner blade or deflector position.
Transient calculations (model presentation, input data, design criteria/admissible value, load cases and descriptions of maximum and minimum values for pressure, speed, flow, safety margin, references), depending on the contract.
NOTE 1 Closing and opening times of main valve sealings are considered.
Governor and servomotor characteristics (e.g. relationship between guide vane angle and servomotor stroke, cam relationship if applicable).
If applicable, description of the water-depression-system or de-watering and refilling system of the runner, data for compressed air tanks (including capacity of air tanks, control pressure, etc.), compressors, valves, automatic control devices (both for de-watering system and air leakage supplement system), maximum and minimum water level in the draft tube, etc.
Adjustment of overspeed protection device, information of set value (shutdown value).
If applicable, description of the coupling type between the hydraulic machine shaft and motor-generator shaft and of the synchronizing arrangement.
Characteristics of the fluids for the governing system. Filter specifications and information on purification frequency and method.
Control and servo systems. Description of type and control system of the main valve, the distributor and the movable blade of the runner (as applicable) as well as closing and opening laws for the main valve, the guide vanes and runner blades.
Maximum steady state runaway speed and maximum transient speed and pressure variations at some specific operating heads (maximum/minimum/rated water head).
NOTE 2 The speed value is below the maximum speed for machine safety.
Minimum continuous operating speed (depending on design of thrust bearing and other bearings).
Minimum operating water head for initial run.
Description of lubrication systems, stating amount and characteristics of lubricants and frequency of replacement.
If applicable, data on high pressure lifting oil injection system for rotating parts.
Speed or time limits below which operation of the thrust bearing high pressure lifting oil injection system is necessary.
If applicable, maximum and minimum speeds for mechanical and electrical brake operation. Intermediate oil levels and pressures at which pumps and compressors should be started or alarms given; also data for automatic signalling and emergency devices.
Maximum and minimum temperatures in bearings, seals and in the oil or fluid pressure circuits (alarm and shutdown values).
Maximum and minimum pressures, flows and levels in oil or fluid pressure systems and bearings (alarm and shutdown values).
If applicable, maximum and minimum temperatures and pressures in oil head (alarm and shutdown values).
Maximum acceptable load of thrust bearing, if required.
Design values and tolerances for machine erection (bearings and seals clearances, inclination, circularities, concentricities).
Maximum and minimum pressures and flows in coolers (alarm and shutdown values). Maximum water levels in drainage pits (alarm and shutdown values).BS EN IEC 60545 pdf download.

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