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IEC 60384-25 pdf free download

IEC 60384-25 pdf free download.Fixed capacitors for use in electronic equipment – Part 25: Sectional specification – Fixed aluminium electrolytic surface mount capacitors with conductive polymer solid electrolyte.
3 Quality assessment procedures
3.1 Primary stage of manufacture
The primary stage of manufacture is the capacitor manufacturer’s evaluation of the formed anode foil.
3.2 Structurally similar components
Capacitors, considered as being structurally similar, are capacitors produced with similar processes and materials, though they may be of different case sizes and values.
3.3 Certified test records of released lots
The information required in IEC 60384-1:2008, Q.9 shall be made available when prescribed in the detail specification and when requested by a purchaser. After the endurance test, the required parameters are the capacitance change, tangent of loss angle, equivalent series resistance, and leakage current.
3.4 Qualification approval procedures
3.4.1 General
The procedures for qualification approval testing are given in IEC 60384-1:2008, Q.5.
The schedule to be used for qualification approval testing on the basis of lot-by-lot and periodic tests is given in 3.5. The procedure using a fixed sample size schedule is given in 3.4.2 and 3.4.3.
3.4.2 Qualification approval on the basis of the fixed sample size procedure
The fixed sample size procedure is described in IEC 60384-1:2008, Q.5.3 list item b). The sample shall be representative of the range of capacitors for which approval is sought. The sample may be the whole or the part of the range given in the detail specification.
The sample shall consist of four specimens having the maximum and minimum voltages and for these voltages the maximum and minimum case size. When there are more than four case sizes, an intermediate case size shall also be tested. In each of these case size/voltage combinations (values), the maximum capacitance shall be chosen. Thus, for the approval of a range, testing is required of either four or six values. When the range consists of less than four values, the number of specimens to be tested shall be that required for four values.
Two (for 6 values) or three (for 4 values) per value may be used as replacements for specimens, which are non-conforming because of incidents not attributable to the manufacturer.IEC 60384-25 pdf download.

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