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IEC 60794-4 pdf free download

IEC 60794-4 pdf free download.Optical fibre cables – Part 4: Sectional specification – Aerial optical cables along electrical power lines.
The material(s) used for a cable element shall be selected to be compatible with the other elements in contact with it. An appropriate compatibility test method shall be defined in the family or detail specification.
When the fibres are in contact with a filling compound, the compatibility of the filling compound with the fibre coating shall be demonstrated by testing coating stripping force stability after accelerated ageing in accordance with IEC 60794-1-21, method E5. Alternative ageing conditions and tests may be agreed between the customer and supplier.
Optical elements are cable elements containing optical fibres and are designed to be a primary functional unit of the cable core. They may comprise any of the cable elements described below. Optical elements and each fibre within a cable element shall be uniquely identified, for example, by colours, a positional scheme, markings, tapes, threads or specified in the detail specification.
Tests may be performed on cable elements either in uncabled form or in finished cable. Unless otherwise specified, testing shall be performed on cable elements in a finished cable. This means that testing shall be performed only on a finished cable if the cable element manufacturing operation is done by the same manufacturer as the cabling operation. Testing shall be performed on cable elements only if the cable element is supplied by a third party; this does not exclude testing of the finished cable.
Different types of optical elements are described below.
5.2 Slotted core
The slotted core is obtained by extruding a suitable material (for example polyethylene or polypropylene) with a defined number of slots, providing helical or SZ configuration along the core. One or more primary coated fibres or optical element is located in each slot which may be filled.
The slotted core usually contains a central element which may be either metallic or nonmetallic. In this case, there shall be adequate adhesion between the central element and the extruded core in order to obtain the required temperature stability and tensile behaviour for the slotted core element.
The profile of the slot shall be uniform and shall ensure the optical and mechanical performance required for the optical cable.
5.3 Polymeric tube
One or more primary coated fibres or optical elements are packaged (loosely or not) in a tube construction which shall be filled, use dry-blocking methods or be otherwise water blocked. The plastic tube may be reinforced with a composite wall.
If required, the suitability of the tube shall be determined by an evaluation of its kink resistance in accordance with IEC 60794-1-23, method G7.
If used, the filling compound in the tube shall comply with the evaporation test in accordance with IEC 60794-1-21, method E15. The filled tube shall comply with drip test in accordance with IEC 60794-1-22, method F16, when tested in tube or cabled form.IEC 60794-4 pdf download.

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