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IEC 61000-3-2 pdf free download

IEC 61000-3-2 pdf free download.Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) – Part 3-2: Limits – Limits for harmonic current emissions (equipment input current ≤ 16 A per phase).
6.3.2 Measurement procedure
The test shall be conducted according to the general requirements given in 6.3.3. The test
duration shall be as defined in 6.3.4.
The measurement of harmonic currents shall be performed as follows:
— for each harmonic order, measure the 1,5 s smoothed RMS harmonic current in each discrete Fourier transform (DFT) time window as defined in IEC 61000-4-7;
— calculate the arithmetic average of the measured values from the DFT time windows, over the entire observation period as defined in 6.3.4.
The value of the input power to be used for the calculation of limits shall be determined as
— measure the 1,5 s smoothed active input power in each DFT time window;
— determine the maximum of the measured values of power from the DFT time windows over the entire duration of the test.
NOTE The active input power supplied to the smoothing section of the measuring instrument as defined in IEC 6 1000-4-7 is the active input power in each DFT time window.
The harmonic currents and the active input power shall be measured under the same test conditions but need not be measured simultaneously.
The manufacturer may specify any value of power which is within ±10 % of the actual measured value and use it for determining the limits for the original manufacturer’s conformity assessment test. The measured and specified values of power, as defined in 6.3.2, shall be documented in the test report.
If the value of the power found by measurement during emission tests other than the original manufacturer’s conformity assessment test, measured according to the terms of 6.3.2, is not less than 90 % nor greater than 110 % of the value for power specified by the manufacturer in the test report (see, the specified value shall be used to establish the limits. If the measured value is outside of this tolerance band around the specified value, the measured power shall be used to establish the limits.
For Class C equipment, the fundamental current and power factor, specified by the manufacturer, shall be used for the calculation of limits (see 3.6). The fundamental component of the current and the power factor are measured and specified by the manufacturer in the same way as the power is measured and specified for the calculation of Class D limits. The value used for the power factor shall be obtained from the same DFT measurement window as the value for the fundamental component of current. Reproducibility The reproducibility (see 3. 16) of measurements on the same EUT with different test systems cannot be definitively calculated so as to apply to all possible combinations of EUT, harmonics meter and test supply, but can be estimated to be better than士(1 % + 10 mA), where the 1 % is 1 % of the average value of the total input current taken over the entire test observation period. Therefore, differences in results which are less than that value of current are deemed negligible, but in some cases a higher value can occur. For the avoidance of doubt in such cases, test results, obtained at different locations or on different occasions, that show that all the relevant limits are met shall be accepted as demonstrating compliance, even though the results can differ more than the values for repeatability and reproducibility, given above. NOTE The variability (see 3.17) of measurements on different EUTs of the same type, having no intentional differences, can be increased by practical component tolerances and other effects, such as possible interactions between the characteristics of the EUT and the measuring instrument or the power supply. The results of these effects cannot be quantified in this document, for the same reasons as for reproducibility. The second paragraph of also applies in the case of variability. A concession in respect of limit values to allow for possible variability is outside the scope of this document.IEC 61000-3-2 pdf download.

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