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IEC 61000-6-4 pdf free download

IEC 61000-6-4 pdf free download.Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) – Part 6-4: Generic standards – Emission standard for industrial environments.
The configuration and mode of operation during the measurements shall be precisely noted in the test report. If the EUT has a large number of similar ports or ports with many similar connections, a sufficient number shall be selected to simulate actual operating conditions and to ensure that all the different types of termination are covered.
The measurements shall be carried out at one single set of parameters within the operating ranges of temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure specified for the product and at the rated supply voltage, unless otherwise indicated in the basic standard. The relevant conditions shall be recorded in the test report.
Where applicable, additional information on EUT configuration can be found in CISPR 16-2-1, CISPR 16-2-3, CISPR 11 or CISPR 32 as referenced in Table 3 to Table 5.
5 Product documentation
The purchaser/user/installer shall be informed within the product documentation if special measures have to be taken to achieve compliance. One example, would be the need to use shielded or special cables.
6 Applicability
The application of measurements for emission(s) depends on the particular equipment, its configuration, its ports, its technology and its operating conditions.
Measurements shall be applied to the relevant ports of the equipment according to the requirements defined in Table 3 to Table 5. Measurements shall only be carried out where the relevant ports exist.
It may be determined from consideration of the electrical characteristics and usage of particular equipment that some of the measurements are inappropriate and therefore unnecessary. In such a case it is required that the decision and justification not to measure shall be recorded in the test report.
7 Measurement uncertainty
Where guidance for the calculation of the instrumentation uncertainty of a measurement is specified in CISPR 16-4-2 this shall be followed, and for these measurements the determination of compliance with the limits in this document shall take into consideration the measurement instrumentation uncertainty in accordance with CISPR 16-4-2. Calculations to determine the measurement result and any adjustment of the test result required when the test laboratory uncertainty is larger than the value for Ucjspr given in CISPR 16-4-2 shall be included in the test report.
8 Compliance with this document
Where this document gives options for testing particular requirements with a choice of test methods, compliance can be shown against any of the relevant test methods, using the specific limits with the restrictions provided in the relevant tables clauses. For example, floor standing shall be assessed against table clause 3.1, considering table clause 3.2 is limited to small equipment and table clause 3.3 is limited to table top equipment.
In any situation where it is necessary to retest the equipment the test method originally chosen shall be used in order to ensure consistency of the results.
Equipment which fulfils the requirements across the frequency ranges specified in Table 3 to Table 5 in this document is deemed to fulfil the requirements in the entire frequency range from 9 kHz to 400 GHz.
Measurements do not need to be performed at frequencies where no limits are specified.
NOTE CISPR TR 16-4-3 provides guidance on the applicability of limits to series produced equipment.
9 Emission requirements
The emission requirements for equipment covered by this document are given on a port by port basis and defined in Table 3 to Table 5. Annex A is provided for information purposes only and lists proposed limits for DC power ports.
The measurements shall be conducted in a well-defined and reproducible manner and performed in any order.
The description of the measurement, the measurement instrumentation, the measurement methods, and the measurement set-up to be used are given in the standards, which are referred to in Table 3 to Table 5. These standards are not repeated here, however modifications or additional information needed for the practical application of the measurements are given in this document.
The following shall be taken into account during the application of the measurements defined in Table 3 to Table 5.IEC 61000-6-4  pdf download.

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