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IEC 61034-1 pdf free download

IEC 61034-1 pdf free download.Measurement of smoke density of cables burning under defined conditions – Part 1: Test apparatus.
The ambient temperature outside the enclosure shall be 20 °C ± 10 °C and the enclosure shall not be directly exposed to sunlight or extreme climatic changes.
NOTE 2 It should normally be possible to extract fumes from the enclosure after each test through a duct complete with valve which should be closed during the test. The duct may include a fan to increase the rate of extraction. It is recommended that the door of the enclosure be opened to assist the extraction process.
A draught screen, 1 500 mm ± 50 mm long and 1 000 mm ± 50 mm high, shall be placed in the enclosure, at the position shown in Figure 1. It shall abut on the back wall (with a maximum gap of 10 mm) at a point 750 mm ± 25 mm from the side wall, and shall be curved to intersect the centre line of the enclosure at a point 1 400 mm ± 25 mm from the point of abutment.
5 Photometric system
5.1 The photometric system is illustrated in Figure 2. The light source and the receiver shall be placed opposite each other externally, in the centre of both windows in the two opposite walls of the cube without making physical contact, as shown in Figures 1 and 2. The light beam shall traverse the cube through the glass windows in the side walls.
5.2 The light source shall be a halogen lamp with a tungsten filament with a clear quartz
bulb having the following characteristics:
nominal power: 100 W;
nominal voltage: 12 V d.c.;
nominal luminous flux: 2 000 Im to 3 000 Im;
nominal colour temperature: 2 800 K to 3 200 K.
The bulb shall be supplied with a voltage of 12,0 V ± 0,1 V (mean value). During the test, the voltage shall be stabilized to a range of ± 0,01 V (see A.2c) for additional guidance.) The lamp shall be mounted in a housing and the beam adjusted by a lens system to give an evenly illuminated circular area of 1,5 m ± 0,1 m diameter on the interior of the opposite wall.
5.3 The receptor photocell shall be of the selenium or silicon type with a spectral response matching the International Commission on Illumination (CIE) photopic observer (equivalent to the human eye). The photocell shall be mounted at the end of 150 mm ± 10 mm tube with a dust protection window at the other end. The inside of the tube shall be matt black to prevent reflections. The photocell shall be connected to a potentiometric recorder to produce a linear proportional output. The cell shall be resistance-loaded to operate in its linear range and the input impedance of the recorder shall be at least i04 times greater than the load resistance of the cell which shall not exceed 100 c.
5.4 The photometric system shall be energized before the blank test. When stability has been attained, the zero and full scale reading of the recorder shall be adjusted for light on the detector corresponding to 0 % (absence of light) and 100 % luminous transmission.
NOTE 1 Periodically, for example at the beginning of a test series, the performance of the photocell should be verified by placing standard neutral density filters in the light beam. It is essential that these filters cover the entire optical port of the photocell and the values of transmittance measured by the photocell give a value of parameter-A m (defined in 10.5) within ± 5 % of the calibrated value of the filter. The filters should also permit the verification of the linearity of response of the detector which should be proportional to the transmittance of light in the range used.
NOTE 2 Most neutral density filters are designated according to a parameter defined as absorbance which is the same as the parameter A defined in 10.5 which may be used to convert measured transmittance.
6 Standard fire source
The standard fire source shall be 1,00 I ± 0,01 I of alcohol having the following composition by volume:
ethanol: 90 % ± 1 %.IEC 61034-1 pdf download.


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