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IEC 61191-1 pdf free download

IEC 61191-1 pdf free download.Printed board assemblies – Part 1: Generic specification – Requirements for soldered electrical and electronic assemblies using surface mount and related assembly technologies.
4.2 Interpretation of requirements
The introduction of product classification according to the levels and their end use (see 4.3) permits the user to differentiate the performance requirements. When the user elects to specify compliance with the mandatory requirements of this document, the following conditions apply:
• unless otherwise specified by the user, the word “shall” signifies that the requirements are mandatory,
• deviations from any “shall” requirement requires written acceptance by the user, for example via assembly documentation, specification or contract provision. The word “should” is used to indicate a recommendation or guidance statement. The word “may” indicates an optional situation. Both “should” and “may” express non-mandatory situations. “Will” is used to express a declaration of purpose.
4.3 ClassIfication
This document recognizes that electrical and electronic assemblies are subject to classifications by intended end-item use. Three general end-product levels have been established to reflect differences in producibility, functional performance requirements, and verification (inspection/test) frequency.
It should be recognized that there may be overlaps of equipment between levels. The user (see 3.5) of the assemblies is responsible for determining the level to which the product belongs. The contract shall specify the level required and indicate any exceptions or additional requirements to the parameters, where appropriate.
Level A: General electronics products
Includes consumer products, some computer and computer peripherals, and hardware suitable for applications where the major requirement is function of the completed assembly.
Level B: Dedicated service electronics products
Includes communications equipment, sophisticated business machines, and instruments where high performance and extended life is required, and for which uninterrupted service is desired but not mandatory. Typically, the end-use environment would not cause failures.
Level C: High-performance electronics products
Includes all equipment where continued performance or performance-on-demand is mandatory. Equipment downtime cannot be tolerated, end-use environment may be uncommonly harsh, and the equipment shall function when required, such as life support systems and other critical systems.
IPC-A-610 shall be used as workmanship standard.
NOTE Level A corresponds to class 1 in IPC-A-610
Level B corresponds to class 2 in IPC-A-610
Level C corresponds to class 3 in IPC-A-610
4.4 Defects and process indicators
Table 5 lists the defects that are unacceptable and require attention (for example, rework, repair). The manufacturer is responsible for identifying other areas of risk and treating those additional concerns as additions to Table 5. Such items should be documented on the assembly documentation. Other than the unacceptable defects listed in Table 5, anomalies and variances from “shall” requirements are considered as process indicators, and shall be monitored when their occurrence is observed. The disposition of process indicators is not required.
Workmanship requirements shall match the defined level of classification according to 4.3. IPC-A-610 shall be used as workmanship standard.
4.5 Process control requirements
This document requires the use of process control methodologies in the planning implementation and evaluation of the manufacturing processes used to produce soldered electrical and electronic assemblies. The philosophy, implementation strategies, tools and techniques may be applied in different sequences depending on the specific company, operation, or variable under consideration, to relate process control and capability to end-product requirements. The manufacturer, subject to agreement by the user, may be exempt from performing specific quality conformance evaluations and inspections, detailed in this document, provided objective evidence of a comprehensive and current continuous improvement plan is available (see 13.3).
4.6 Requirements f lowdown
The applicable requirements of this document shall be imposed by each manufacturer or supplier on all applicable subcontracts and purchase orders. The manufacturer or supplier shall not impose or allow any variation from these requirements on subcontracts or purchase orders other than those that have been approved by the user.
Unless otherwise specified, the requirements of this document are not imposed on the procurement of off-the-shelf (catalogue) assemblies or subassemblies (see 14.3). However, the manufacturer of these items may comply as deemed appropriate.IEC 61191-1 pdf download.

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