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IEC 61591 pdf free download

IEC 61591 pdf free download.Cooking fume extractors – Methods for measuring performance.
Any extendible visor, which is extendable for normal use in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, shall be opened accordingly. If no instructions are given, the extendible visor is fully opened.
If the down-draft system can be elevated, the manufacturer’s instructions are followed; otherwise, it shall be measured in its maximum elevated position for use.
The maximum sized duct in accordance with the manfacturer’s instructions is to be used.
For all tests, the appliance is operated with unchanged default factory settings (e.g. brightness of the display or changeable light colour). Supplementary parts that are part of the appliance are mounted in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Ensure that no network is connected to the appliance for the duration of the measurement, except for the remote control.
Before the measurement is made, any conditioning of the cooking fume extractor, unless explicitly required in this document, is not allowed.
Ensure that any automatic modes, where the fan speed is altered, are switched off.
6.3 Electricity supply
The cooking fume extractor is supplied at the rated voltage ±1 %.
If the appliance has a rated voltage range, the tests are carried out at the nominal voltage of the country where the appliance is intended to be used.
The supply frequency shall be at the rated frequency ±1 % throughout the test. If a frequency range is indicated, then the test frequency shall be that of the nominal frequency of the country in which the appliance is intended to be used.
6.4 Filters
For all tests, it shall be ensured that all filters are positioned correctly.
For appliances with more than one grease filter, the filters shall be positioned with no gap in between (centrally positioned).
6.5 Fan control
Cooking fume extractors shall be tested in the highest continuous setting for normal use, as stated in the manufacturer’s instructions.
6.6 Instrumentation and measurements
Instruments used and measurements made for this document shall comply with the specifications in Table 1 and Table 2. The accuracy is applied to the measured value.
If numbers have to be rounded, they shall be rounded to the nearest number in accordance with ISO 80000-1:2009, B.3, Rule B. If the rounding takes place to the right of the comma, the omitted places shall not be filled with zeros.
7 Dimensions and mass
7.1 Overall dimensions
The overall dimensions of the cooking fume extractor are measured. The longest width, depth and height, including any control knobs or other projections, are stated in millimetres rounded to 10 mm. If dimensions are variable while the cooking fume extractor is operated in normal use, then the minimum and maximum sizes are stated.
For cooking fume extractors with extraction mode, the dimensions of the air-outlet orifice are measured and stated.
7.2 Distance between cooking fume extractor and cooking appliance
The shortest distance between the lowest level of the cooking fume extractor, except downdraft systems, and the highest level of the cooking appliance is measured and indicated in millimetres, rounded to 10 mm.IEC 61591 pdf download.

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