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IEC 61636 pdf free download

IEC 61636 pdf free download.Software Interface for Maintenance Information Collection and Analysis (SIMICA).
The diagnostic maturation process requires access to design, test, diagnostic, maintenance, and logistics Support information sources. Often, this specific data of interest resides in multiple systems each with different owners where it does exist – -and it should be recognized that some data that is desirable to have might not be captured in data systems at all.
The problem can be reduced by operating with a single, unified conceptual view of the data to be extracted from multiple sources. Therefore, the challenge is how to extract the information of interest—heterogeneous system failure and performance data—from the disparate data systems where it resides. The idea is to identify the information of interest, and to create an OWL ontology so that it is clear what that data is and what it means in the context of system usage and analysis, and then determine the process for obtaining that information. Once data requirements and availability are determined, one can then begin to integrate the heterogeneous information to be obtained by relating the vital information from any one system to the others that capture related information but using disparate data formats and semantics.
Data collection is a prerequisite for the maturation process, and the product data that is typically required for maturation analysis is generally stored in heterogeneous data systems. The SIMICA family of standards facilitates improved access, retrieval, and integration of the requisite information from these data systems. The intent of the SIMICA family of standards is to provide an implementation-independent specification for an interface to information systems containing data pertinent to the diagnosis and maintenance of complex systems consisting of hardware, software, or any combination thereof. These interfaces will support the creation of service definitions for application programming interfaces (API) for the access, exchange, and analysis of historical diagnostic and maintenance infbrmation. The use of OWL ontologies (in previous version of this standard formal information models based on EXPRESS were used) facilitates exchanging historical maintenance information between information systems and analysis tools, supporting the creation of open system software architectures for maturing system diagnostics. The component standards will further enhance the exchange of instance information between conforming applications through the use of standard exchange formats.
IEEE Std 1636.1 provides the definition of an exchange format, utilizing an OWL ontology and XML schema, for exchanging data resulting from executing tests of a unit under test (U UT) via a test program in an automatic test environment.
For new applications of test results and session information that do not require adherence to IEEE Std 1671 , the TcstResults.xsd schema that includes Simica.xsd shall be utilized. (This schema is contained in the download site folder 1636.1-2018. see Clause 7.)
For new or legacy applications of test results and session information that require adherence to IEEE Std 1671, the TestResults.xsd schema that includes Common.xsd shall be utilized. (This schema is contained in the download site folder 1636.1-2018/1671 -Compatible, see Clause 7.)A provision in the XML schema of an extension mechanism is necessary to ensure the viability of the specification and allow producers and consumers of SIMICA XML instance documents to interoperate in those cases where there is a requirement to exchange relevant data that is not included in the Simica.xsd schema. The use of the extensions shall be done in a way that ensures that a conformant consumer can utilize the extended file without error, discard, or otherwise sidestep the extended data and use the non-extended portions of the data as it is intended without error or loss of functionality. Extensions shall be additional information added to the content model of the element being extended.IEC 61636  pdf download.

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