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IEC 61892-1 pdf free download

IEC 61892-1 pdf free download.Mobile and fixed offshore units – Electrical installations – Part 1: General requirements and conditions.
4.2 Acceptance of substitutes or alternatives
In the IEC 61892 series, where any special type of equipment, construction, or arrangement is specified, the use of any other equipment, construction or arrangement is admissible, provided it is at least of equal safety, effectiveness, and reliability.
4.3 Additions and alterations
An addition or alteration, temporary or permanent, shall not be made to an existing electrical installation until it has been ascertained that the ratings and the condition of existing accessories, conductors, switchgear, etc. affected, are adequate for the new situation.
Special attention is drawn to those factors affecting the existing system design such as current-carrying capacity, short-circuit level, voltage drop, harmonics, stability and proper discrimination of the protective devices.
4.4 Environmental conditions
Electrical equipment shall operate satisfactorily under various environmental conditions in the location for which the unit is designed.
Environmental conditions are characterised by a number of variables
a) one set including mainly climatic conditions, as well as conditions dependent chemically and mechanically active substances and mechanical conditions;
b) another set dependent mainly upon locations within unit, operational patterns and transient conditions.
NOTE 1 Environmental conditions will normally be specified in the overall design documentation for each project, based on the place of operation.
NOTE 2 Guidance on of surface treatment and protective painting system is given in Annex C.
Ambient temperature
For a specific project, the project documentation may give specific information ambient temperature. In the absence of such information, the following shall apply.
In other parts of the IEC 61892 series, where no maximum ambient air temperature specified as a design parameter for equipment, a value of 40 °C shall apply.
Mobile offshore units shall comply with lEO 61 892-5.
has been
NOTE 1 The Classification societies normally require an ambient air temperature of 45 °C. Other values of ambient air temperature can be considered according to specific local conditions.
For a fixed unit, design temperature shall be based on the environmental condition of the place of operation.
NOTE 2 For cold climate precautions, see Annex B.
4.5 Power supply system characteristics
Unless otherwise stated in other distribution systems the equipment variations, harmonic distortion and distribution systems are given in the
parts of this document, when supplied from general shall function with due regard to voltage and frequency conducted disturbances. The characteristics of general following subclauses of 4.5.
Where the power supply is obtained from the shore, due regard should be paid to the effect that the quality of the supply, if different from that specified in 4.5, may have on the performance of equipment.
For systems where semiconductors are connected and have a total rating which is a significant portion of the total system rating, it may be feasible to suppress the harmonics. Consideration should be given to taking appropriate measures to attenuate these effects of the distribution system so that safe operation is assured. Care should be taken in selecting consumers supplied from an electric power supply system with a higher harmonic content than that specified in
Electrical equipment which requires a higher quality power supply may need additional provisions to be made locally. Where additional equipment is fitted to achieve this higher quality power supply, it may be required to be duplicated and segregated to the same degree as the electrical equipment it supplies.
4.5.2 AC distribution systems General
The voltages referred to in are measured at the point where the equipment is installed. Voltage characteristics
Requirements for voltage characteristics are given in Table 1. Tolerances are expressed as a percentage of the nominal voltage.IEC 61892-1 pdf download.

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