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IEC 62435-6 pdf free download

IEC 62435-6 pdf free download.Electronic components – Long-term storage of electronic semiconductor devices一 Part 6: Packaged or finished devices.
Added handling during an active inventory check and re-assessment is a practice that should be properly planned and executed to prevent handling damage, electrostatic discharge and violation of ambient moisture exposures.
4.5 Inventory dry packing refreshing
A new dry packaging operation may be required after an active inventory check. Refreshing of the desiccant and moisture humidity indicator card should be controlled within a small time interval taking care to limit moisture or other exposures. A refresh may be necessary if the desiccant used for storage is insufficient in quantity or if moisture has leaked into a rated moisture barrier bag. Similarly, it may be required to refresh with a new humidity indicator card when the storage duration is beyond the demonstrated life or capability of the card to detect moisture exposure.
4.6 Inventory re-assessment
Inventory re-assessment testing should be performed as required. It is not recommended to perform full inventory re-assessment testing but rather use sampling of inventory to determine remaining life or continued suitability for use. The sampling plan shall, in this case, adhere to the rules defined in the standards (for example ISO 2859-1).
5 Baseline long-term storage requirements
5.1 General
5.1.1 Categories
Long-term storage may be divided into two categories for non-moisture sensitive devices as well as moisture sensitive devices. It is often the case that the moisture sensitive device storage and precautions are also applicable to non-moisture sensitive storage to mitigate any perceived risks.
5.1.2 Critical aspects
Storage of moisture sensitive components requires that all failure modes are mitigated and that unit level traceability, supply chain of custody are in place and that critical aspects of the storage environment are known and controlled. lEG 62435-2, lEG 62435-4, and JEDEC JEP160 describe failure mechanisms of interest and typical failure mitigation methods. It is good practice to establish the storage time and environment as when the technology is developed prior to certification or qualification so that added requirements can be integrated if required. Storage requirements beyond the basic storage requirements in this document are the responsibility of the supplier, distributor or organization responsible of the storage as agreed to in the terms and conditions of the purchasing contract.
5.1.3 Recommendations and best practice
Devices that are not moisture sensitive should be packed and stored to reduce exposure to dust, condensed moisture, chemical outgassing products and pollution residue. Mechanical integrity and resistance to electrostatic discharge should also be maintained. Dry packing may be utilized to enhance storage time (5.3.2).
5.2 Non-moIsture sensitive device storage
5.2.1 Storage media
Any storage media used for long-term storage should be made of antistatic material and be free of surface contaminants or outgassing by-products that may act as stimuli for failure during final assembly.
5.2.2 Lot data and labelling
Data that indicates the product and traceability information should be stored with the units, physically or electronically. Consideration should also be given to the storage of lot data stored in paper or electronic device form. Paired lot information should be tied to unit and lot traceability data. Data storage is planned as lEG 6243531 which may be utilized upon publication.
5.3 Moisture sensitive finished device storage
5.3.1 Moisture sensitivity designation
Moisture sensitive devices shall be tested and rated according to lEG 60749-20 and JEDEC JSTD-020 prior to packing and storage. Packing shall be performed to ensure that the board or system integration function is capable to utilize the declared floor life or recoverable floor life after baking. Package labelling shall identify moisture sensitivity parts and the designated moisture sensitivity rating per lEG 60749-20-1 and JEDEC J-STD-020.IEC 62435-6 pdf download.

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