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IEC 62613-1 pdf free download

IEC 62613-1 pdf free download.Plugs, socket-outlets and ship couplers for high-voltage shore connection (HVSC) systems – Part 1: General requirements.
4 General
4.1 General requirements
Accessories shall be supplied with all the necessary instructions from the manufacturer, for example on installation, assembling, wiring, commissioning, inspection, preventive maintenance, replacement of consumable parts, etc., including the levels of ability of the personnel to perform such operations.
Accessories shall be so designed and constructedthat in normal use their performance is reliable and without danger to the user or the surroundings.
Accessories constructed in accordance with this document shall be suitable for the environment conditions in the space(s) where they are intended to operate. Accessories located on ships shall comply with the applicable part(s) of IEC 60092.
Unless otherwise stated, the normal use environment in which the accessories complying with this document are normally used is pollution degree 3 according to IEC 60664-1.
Accessories shall comply with the applicable requirements of IEC 60502-4.
Accessories shall be wired, installed, commissioned, maintained and used by electrically instructed or skilled personnel.
HVSC systems do not allow in-line connections unless a specific piece of equipement made for that purpose is used. It shall not be possible to connect a plug into a ship connector (see 8.4).
4.2 Generalnotesontests
4.2.1 Tests according to this document are type tests. If a part of an accessory has previously passed tests for a given degree of severity, the relevant type tests shall not be repeated if the severity is not greater.
4.2.2 Unless otherwise specified, the samples are tested as delivered and under normal conditions of use, at an ambient temperature of (20 ± 5) °C; the tests are made at rated frequency.
4.2.3 Unless otherwise specified, the tests are carried out in the order of the clauses or subclauses of this document.
4.2.4 Three samples are subjected to all the tests. For the tests of 11.1.4, for the tests of
19.6 and 19.7, and for the tests of Clause 27, a new set of three samples can be used, if necessary.
4.2.5 Accessories are deemed to comply with this document if no sample fails in the complete series of appropriate tests. If one sample fails in a test, that test and those preceding which can have influenced the test result are repeated on another set of three samples, all of which shall then pass the repeated tests.
NOTE In general, only the test that caused the failure will be repeated, unless the sample fails in one of the tests of Clause 21 in which case the tests are repeated from that of Clause 20 onwards.
The applicant can submit, together with the first set of samples, the additional set, which could be necessary if one sample fails. The testing station will then, without further request, test the additional samples and will reject only if a further failure occurs. If the additional set of samples is not submitted at the same time, the failure of one sample will entail a rejection.
When the tests are carried out with conductors, unless otherwise specified, they shall be copper and comply with IE C 60228, that is, flexible (class 5). Accessories according to this document are intended to be connected to cables with plain or metal coated copper conductors.IEC 62613-1 pdf download.

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