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IEC 62784 pdf free download

IEC 62784 pdf free download.Vacuum cleaners and dust extractors providing equipment protection level Dc for the collection of combustible dusts – Particular requirements.
conductive part
part made of materials with a specific resistance of not more than 10 kO
electrostatic dissipative
having an intermediate resistivity (100 kOm to < 1 GOm) or resistance (10 kO to < 100 GO) that lies between the conductive and insulating ranges
Note 1 to entry: Dissipative materials or objects are neither conductive nor insulating but, like conductive items, safely limit contact charging and/or dissipate even the maximum charging currents associated with their designed application when in contact with earth.
4 Constructional requirements
4.1 General
Vacuum cleaners covered by this document minimize the risk of ignition during normal operation (intended use). By fulfilling the requirements specified in this standard, any misuse which can reasonably be anticipated is addressed. The requirements given in this standard apply to each machine, including all accessories, such as nozzles, hoses, unless otherwise stated.
NOTE 1 The relevant industrial requirements for commercial vacuum cleaners are given in lEG 60335-2-69.
2) The motor, switch, cord and plug shall comply with the requirements of lEG 60079-31 for EPL Dc.
3) The following parts of the vacuum cleaner shall be conductive or electrostatic dissipative, bonded and connected to the earth terminal of the connection facility:
a) impeller;
b) tools;
C) non-metal parts of the machine;
d) hose.
NOTE 2 The inner parts of the head of the vacuum cleaner which do not come into contact with combustible dust are not required to be dissipative.
4) Isolated metal parts coming into contact with the dust are not permitted. All metal parts are bonded and connected to the earth terminal of the connection facility.
5) The suction air through the hose shall be filtered prior to contacting the impeller of the motor. Flow-through and universal motors are not permitted.
6) Only electrical components of EPL Da can be located inside of the dust collection containment.
4.3 Classification according filter construction
Vacuum cleaners covered by this document provide dust classes L, M, or H in accordance with the requirements of the relevant safety standard for commercial and industrial vacuum cleaners. The manufacturer shall provide a declaration confirming that the dust class has been confirmed.
NOTE The relevant safety standard for commercial and industrial vacuum cleaners is IEC 60335-2-69.
4.4 Supply connection and external flexible cords
Supply cords and plugs shall comply with IEC 60079-31 for EPL Dc if the connection is intended to be made within the hazardous area.
4.5 Connection facilities and termination compartments
Terminal compartments for external conductors shall comply with IEC 60079-31 for EPL Dc.
5 Type verification and type tests
Compliance with the requirements of this standard is checked by inspection, examination and tests, as appropriate.
End-to-end hose resistance of the hose assembly shall be less than I MO.
6 Routine tests
The manufacturer shall also carry out routine tests required by the standards listed in Clause 2 which were used for the examination and testing of the equipment and are appropriate for this product group with EPL Dc and are applicable for this product group.
7 Marking and instructions
Marking shall be in accordance with IEC 60079-0., The symbol provided for the “type of protection used” for the appliance is to be“62784″. An example for this marking is “Ex 62784 IC T135 °C Dc”.IEC 62784  pdf download.

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