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IEC 62841-4-5 pdf free download

IEC 62841-4-5 pdf free download.ELECTRIC MOTOR-OPERATED HAND-HELD TOOLS, TRANSPORTABLE TOOLS AND L AWN AND GA RDEN MACHIN ERY – SAFETY – Part 4-5: Particular requirements for grass shears.
8.12 Replacement of the first paragraph:
Markings required by the standard shall be legible and durable. Signs shall be in contrast such as colour, texture, or relief, to their background such that the information or instructions provided by the signs are clearly legible when viewed with normal vision from a distance of (500 ± 50) mm. Signs need not be in accordance with the colour requirements of ISO 3864-2.
If markings are embossed, stamped or moulded, contrasting colours are not required.
8.14.1 Addition:
The additional safety instructions as specified in shall be given for all mains
supplied grass shears. This part may be printed separately from the “General Machine Safety
NOTE 101 “General Machine Safety Warnings” are referred to as “General Power Tool Safety Warnings” in
Part 1. Addition to item 2) C):
For machines classified at least IPX4, the warning may be replaced as specified below.
C) Do not operate the machine in rain or wet conditions. Water entering the machine may increase the risk of electric shock or malfunction that could result in personal injury. Safety instructions for grass shears
For grass shears that can be converted to a Category 1 hedge trimmer, the term “grass shear” may be replaced by alternate wording (e.g. “grass shear/hedge trimmer” or “grass shear/shrub shear”). For this case, the verbatim warnings below need not be repeated for the two configurations.
Grass shears safety warnings:
a) Do not use the grass shear in bad weather conditions, especially when there Is a risk of lightning. This decreases the risk of being struck by lightning.
b) Keep all power cords and cables away from cutting area. Power cords or cables may be hidden and can be accidentally cut by the blade.
c) Wear ear protection. Adequate protective equipment will reduce the risk of hearing loss.
NOTE 101 This warning can be omitted if the measured emission sound pressure level at the operator’s ear in accordance with Annex I does not exceed 85 dB(A).
d) Hold the grass shear by insulated gripping surfaces only, because the blade may contact hidden wiring or its own cord. Blades contacting a “live” wire may make exposed metal parts of the grass shear “live” and could give the operator an electric shock.
e) Keep all parts of the body away from the blade. Do not remove cut material or hold material to be cut when blades are moving. Blades continue to move after the switch is turned off. A moment of inattention while operating the grass shear may result in serious personal injury.
f) When clearing jammed material or servicing the grass shear, make sure the power switch is off and the power cord is disconnected. Unexpected actuation of the grass shear while clearing jammed material or servicing may result in serious personal injury.
g) Carry the grass shear by the handle with the blade stopped and taking care not to operate the power switch. Proper carrying of the grass shear will decrease the risk of inadvertent starting and resultant personal injury from the blades.
h) When transporting or storing the grass shear, always use the blade cover. Proper handling of the grass shear will decrease the risk of personal injury from the blades.
8.14.2 a) Addition:
101) If applicable, information on cutting devices and attachments permitted to be used with the grass shear, e.g. an extension shaft;
102) Instructions for configuring the machine, including any handle, ground supporting devices, accessories or attachments.IEC 62841-4-5  pdf download.

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