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IEC 63103 pdf free download

IEC 63103 pdf free download.Lighting equipment – Non-active mode power measurement.
4.5 Network aspects
4.5.1 General
When the external trigger to change between active mode and non-active mode originates from a network connection, care shall be taken to ensure that the network in question is properly configured and connected to the EUT, to obtain an accurate measure of power consumption. Where the use of additional products/components is needed for the measurement of the EUT care shall be taken in the selection and characterization of these items such that they are fully representative to the degree that the measurement accuracy for the EUT is not adversely affected. The instructions for use shall contain information about which functions can be turned off for the measurement and how to turn them off.
Care shall be taken as several power levels can be possible (e.g. power can be affected by network connection quality, connection speed or the number and type of network connections). The power consumption can also cycle in these modes.
For non-active mode power consumption measurements, the network functionality shall be limited to setting the (non-active) mode of the EUT, such that no additional power consumption is induced to the EUT beyond the need to set and maintain the non-active mode.
To test an EUT connected to a wired network, guidance is given in 4.5.2.
For a wireless network, there can be a difference in power consumption between the wireless device looking for a connection (listening) and where the network connection is established. It is important to consider that in a network, the energy consumption of the EUT can be affected by its design, the environment and user interaction as well as network interaction.
When an EUT has the capability to connect to multiple wireless networks, non-active mode power shall be determined for all networks independently.
An EUT connected to a wireless network can be configured either with an antenna connector or an integrated antenna. In the case where the EUT has antenna connectors, the EUT can be tested either by using a cabled connection (see 4.5.3) or by using the integrated antenna (for direct radiating measurements, see 4.5.4).
NOTE In the case of a network receiver that is only waiting for trigger signal and where the power does not
change due to the quality of the network, there is no need to establish networks in accordance with 4.5.3 and 4.5.4.
4.5.2 Wired networks
Wired networks can induce power consumption by the EUT which is not linked to the intended function to change modes of the lighting equipment. During measurements in non-active mode, the EUT and a suitable controller shall be the only devices being connected to the bus. Communication in such wired network shall be limited to what is needed to switch the EUT from non-active mode to active mode within the time specified. During measurements, the high voltage level of the communication bus (representing one logic state) shall be set to the rated value with a tolerance of ±2 %. If a rated voltage range is specified, the middle value of the range shall be set with a tolerance of ±2 %. The low voltage level of the bus shall be negligibly low.
4.5.3 Wireless networks: conducted connection for testing
For an EUT whose ports are equipped with antenna connectors, testing shall be performed using conducted measurements in accordance with the test setup shown in Figure 1 or in accordance with 4.5.4.
IEC 63103 pdf download.

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