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ISO IEC 23544 pdf free download

ISO IEC 23544 pdf free download.Information Technology – Data centres – Application Platform Energy Effectiveness (APEE).
3.1.1 application platform platform composed of target IT equipment (3.1.4), operating systems, and middleware (3.1.3) with the purpose of providing an ITservice (3.1.5) Note 1 to entry: An application platform is an environment for executing software applications (3.1.2) such as ERP and CRM software. Therefore, a software application itself is not included as part of an application platform. 3.1.2 software application computer program for implementing an IT service (3.1.5) Note 1 to entry: A software application is usually developed independently for each IT service. 3.1.3 middleware software layer between an operating system and the software applications (3.1.2) Note 1 to entry: Examples of middleware include DBMS, web server software, application server software, transaction monitor. Note 2 to entry: An operating system is the software directly managing the hardware, e.g. conventional operating system, hypervisor, etc. LSOURCE: ISO/IEC/IEEE 24765:20 17, 3.2459, modified – Notes 1 and 2 to entry have been added.] 3.1.4 target IT equipment server, storage and network equipment that are components of an application platform (3.1.1) 3.1.5 IT service service that provides an outcome to its users via information technology 3.1.6 application outcome information provided by an IT service (3.1.5) to its users Note 1 to entry: An example of an application outcome is a set of reports to support decision-making at retail outlets (such as sales analysis reports, and stock status reports). 3.1.7 measurement period duration in which the benchmark performs the intended data processing Note 1 to entry: Typically, the measurement period(s) is/are the only portion of the benchmark execution which is/are used to calculate the benchmark score. Note 2 to entry: The intended data processing routine is a routine including the benchmark calculation. Note 3 to entry: In the case of using TPC-H1), the measurement target of TPC-H is a performance for executing SQL queries, so a period of executing SQL queries is a measurement period. 3.1.9 version particular form or variation of a resource that differs from other instantiations of the resource in at least one aspect or item of information Note 1 to entry: The first digit of a version is called the major version, and any numbers right of that digit is called a minor version. Note 2 to entry: Example: in the version designated as“v1.2.3,” the Major Version identification is“1″, and the Minor Version identification is“2.3″. [SOURCE: ISO 24619:2011, 3.1.9, modified一Notes 1 and 2 to entry added.] 3.1.10 internal power supply independent device that converts commercial AC power to DC power as required inside target IT equipment (3.1.4)
6.2 Determination of application outcome
For the determination of application outcome, the following terms are introduced:
— One application outcome is defined as one valid execution of the benchmark.
The following requirements for measurement shall be met:
a) The benchmark is executed at least one time. If the benchmark is executed multiple times, the number of benchmark executions is a positive integer.
NOTE The tester can Interact with the server between benchmark iterations, typically to calculate the total measured time for benchmarks which include unmeasured periods.
b) If the total time of the whole measurement period is less than one hour, the benchmark is repeatedly executed until the total time of the whole measurement period exceeds one hour.
c) If the benchmark has a setting for official or valid or reportable results for publication or use in comparisons, this mode shall be used for APEE comparisons.
6.3 Determination of energy consumption of the application platform
6.3.1 Requirements for obtaining energy consumption of the application platform
Energy consumption of the application platform shall be obtained by the sum of energy consumption (kWh) of all the target IT equipment in the application platform during all benchmark measurement period(s) of the APEE measurement. Non-benchmark software should be minimal during the measurement period(s). Execution of non-benchmark software on the application platform shall not invalidate energy results. Energy measurements during benchmark execution shall not be adjusted to remove the effects of non-benchmark software.
NOTE The application platform is usually used solely by the benchmark during the measuring period for accuracy.ISO IEC 23544 pdf free download.

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