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PD IEC TR 62921 pdf free download

PD IEC TR 62921 pdf free download.Quantification methodology for greenhouse gas emissions for computers and monitors.
4 Principles
4.1 Comparing streamlined CFP to comprehensive CFP
4.1.1 General
The carbon footprint of a product estimates the total potential contribution of a product to global warming by quantifying all significant greenhouse gas emissions and removals over the product’s life cycle. Comprehensive CFPs are product-specific and include the carbon impacts for every component and process in that product’s life cycle. A comprehensive CFP takes a significant amount of resources, time, and data-demands to complete.
Given these challenges, streamlined CFP approaches are critical, particularly in industries such as the information and communications technology (ICT) industry, which have complex products and rapid product-development cycles. The streamlined approach reduces the amount of time and resources needed for data gathering and calculation in order to achieve the needed level of accuracy. Therefore, the streamlining approach follows the rule that only the materials, components and processes that are associated with the most significant product carbon impacts are included in the analysis.
While many different definitions of a streamlined CFP exist, the common characteristic is that they all involve some level of simplification, as compared to a comprehensive CFP. With comprehensive CFPs rarely being executed, it is this collection of streamlined CFP approaches that represent a common approach to CFP. These streamlined approaches, when executed according to recognized practices, reduce the burden of a CFP, while still allowing the necessary goals of the CFP to be achieved (see Figure 1).
4.1.2 Level of streamlining
While streamlined CFPs are clearly less resource-intensive, the extent of streamlining that is possible is entirely dependent on the goal of the CFP and, more specifically, the questions that the CFP is attempting to answer. Typically, the more general the questions are that need to be answered, the more streamlined the CFP can be.
For example, high-level product CFPs, focused on understanding the overall impact of a
product or which life cycle phases dominate product impact, can be completed using a
streamlined CFP. For such cases, the additional resolution and specificity provided through a
more comprehensive CFP are not needed.
However, if information is needed to assess specific materials or design choices around a product (i.e. evaluating materials used in packaging, or evaluating trade-offs in product design), then a more specific and detailed analysis is warranted. In this case, improved data collection and more primary data input can be required, leading to a more comprehensive CFP. In general, the more specificity that is required in the CFP results, the more comprehensive the CFP will need to be.
4.2 Viability of streamlined CFP
4.2.1 Streamlining in IEC TR 62725
Streamlined methodologies that apply a trial estimation approach are described in IEC TR 62725:2013, 6.4, 6.5, Annex B and Annex D. Rather than applying a quantitative cutoff threshold (e.g. less than 5 % of the total estimated emissions can be excluded from the CFP analysis) as described in IEC TR 62725, in the streamlined approach a high level statistical analysis using available data and Monte Carlo simulations is performed to determine the life cycle activities that are the biggest contributors to impact and uncertainty. Targeted data collection is then performed, based on this analysis, to confirm impacts and further reduce uncertainty to desired levels. Use of a streamlined approach informs the appropriate cut-off criteria in view of the workability and availability of the process data.
PD IEC TR 62921 pdf download.

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